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Authoritative Zone Administrator

This is a brief description of the parts of DNSSEC-Tools a zone administrator could find useful. In general, this is someone who wants to setup and maintain one or more signed DNS zones.

DNSSEC Zone Administrator

DNSSEC Zone Administrator. DNSSEC-Tools has several useful tools for a Zone Administrator. Zonesigner is the workhorse tool for signing zones. A Zone Admin can use it for all the general tasks involved in signing a zone file. Donuts is another useful DNSSEC-Tools. It is used for error checking the signed zone files. Lastly, DNSSEC-Tool's mapper can be used to graphically display the contents of a zone file.

Error Checking tools

Error Checking tools. Check out the error checking tools section included below. It includes general DNSSEC error checking tools as well as tools that error check for a specific type of use or user. Some of the tools may be useful to you even though we didn't think they applied specifically to DNSSEC Zone Administration.

Software Summary

Software Summary. The following documents the most useful tools that a Authoritative Zone Administrator may wish to use.