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Authoritative Server

This is a brief description of the parts of DNSSEC-Tools package an administrator for a DNSSEC aware authoritative name server could find useful. The server could be a on small scale, a single zone, or a larger scale with multiple zones.

Authoritative DNS Administrator

Authoritative DNS Administrator. Currently, DNSSEC-Tools has a large number of tools that are useful for managing DNSSEC aware authoritative domain name servers. The first thing to do is get some DNS server software that supports DNSSEC. For information on the available DNS server packages, dnssec-deployment.org and dnssec.net are good places to start looking. Setting up the DNS server itself is out of scope for this discussion. Most DNS server software (and all the major ones) support DNSSEC. Although the DNSSEC-Tools packages can be useful with any DNSSEC supporting name server, they are most useful with Bind domain name server. A more detailed description follows, but here is a quick listing of useful DNSSEC-Tools tools:
  • Zonesigner is the cornerstone tool. It is used for signing and re-signing zone files. It can also generate the necessary keys for the DNS zone signing process.
  • Rollerd automates 'rolling' of Zone Signing and Key Signing Keys (ZSKs and KSKs).
  • Rollctl can control rollerd without restarting rollerd.
  • Donuts will syntax check signed zone files for DNSSEC as well as general DNS errors.
  • Donutsd is the deamonized version of donuts, will check zone files regularly and automatically notify administrator(s).
  • Mapper creates graphical descriptions of zone files.
  • Dnspktflow creates a graphical description of DNS packets as they flow through a network (using tcpdump).
  • And the current version of logwatch has been updated to scan for DNSSEC output from a Bind server.

General Error Checking Tools

General Error Checking Tools. Check out the error checking tools section below. It includes general DNSSEC error checking tools as well as tools that error check for a specific type of use or user. Some of the tools may be useful to you even though we didn't think they applied specifically to authoritative DNSSEC server administration.

Software Summary