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Release Instructions

Release Steps

check that validator make test works

Release Steps. check that validator make test works. make -C validator test

version stamp everything with the release number

version stamp everything with the release number. This needs to be done in a better automatted can't miss something way Last time I did: Ugly. One thing done in the past: Other files that need updating:
  • configure.in
  • configure (run autoconf to generate after editing configure.in)

Generate the ChangeLog

Generate the ChangeLog. svn log > ChangeLog

Update the README/NEWS/ETC files

    Update the README/NEWS/ETC files.
  • any needed changes

Check copyrights

Check copyrights. Any files that have changed since the last release probably need new copyright end dates if a year recently passed.

Update the spec file


Test!!! At least this should be tested on solaris, because it's used by some of our customers and the development is mostly done on linux. SPARTA netsec's deepthot machine is a solaris box.

Tag the release

Tag the release. svn copy -m "tag of 1.0" \

Export it to a directory and tar

Export it to a directory and tar. NOTE: You must use star not tar (gtar or sun) to create the archive so it works everywhere

Package binaries


Package binaries. RPMs:. sudo cp dist/dnssec-tools.spec /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/

Upload to SF server

Upload to SF server. something like:

and publish